Texas Bee Removal

Texas Bee Removal

Texas Bee Removal service is provided by Saul Creek Apiary. We are located in Seguin TX . Saul Creek Apiary offers honey bee removal for Swarms, Colonies and Nuisance Hives. All colonies are re-queened and placed in an managed Apiary. We never kill colonies we remove.

Texas HoneyBee Removal


Texas Bee Removal Service

Texas HoneyBee Removal

We provide HoneyBee Removal Service for the following Texas Cities and Counties.


Texas Cities/Counties:

  • Seguin (Guadalupe County)
  • New Braunfels (Comal County)
  • Jourdanton/ Pleasanton (Wilson & Atascosa Counties)


 Removal Restrictions

Texas HoneyBee Removal

Removal Restrictions: Free removal for Hanging Swarms up to 15′ in height. We do not remove colonies from hollow trees. Please do not call us if the colony has already been sprayed. We will not remove any colonies that show signs of having had insecticide applied. If possible please send an Email or Text with a picture of the bees needing to be removed.

Cut Outs: Colonies located inside walls will be charged by the job. A quote will be provided before any removal is started. A liability waiver must be signed by the property owner before any removal work begins.


Use Extreme Caution Around Feral Colonies

Texas HoneyBee Removal

Please use extreme caution when working around Honey bee colonies. We are seeing a higher number of Aggressive Swarms and Established Colonies in the South Texas area. This does not mean the colonies are Africanized. Weather conditions we are currently experiencing here in South Texas can impact a colonies demeanor. Extreme Caution should be used when working around non managed feral colonies. The use of power tools such as Lawn Mowers, Chain Saws, Tractors and Vehicles can trigger an aggressive colony to attack.  

Saul Creek Apiary is registered with the Texas Apiary Inspection Service for the removal of Honey bee Colonies in the Counties listed above.

Thank you.  

Contact Info:

Please send a picture either by email or text of the Swarm or Colony that needs to be removed. Thank you.

Contact Name:

Phone: (830) 243-

Email: glenn@saulcreekapiary.com

URL: www.saulcreekapiary.com