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How to assemble a Hive Frame

Honeybee Hive Frame

Step by step instructions for assembling Wooden Hive Frames. Follow along as we assemble wood frames, wire the frame for foundation, insert the Wax Foundation and imbed the Foundation Wire into the Wax Foundation.

Note: When ordering wood frames be sure to order the "Wedged" frames from your supplier if you will be using waxed foundation as in the picture above.

Nails: Be sure when ordering Frames that you order enough nails to assemble your Frames if the Frames do not include nails as some suppliers do not include nails.

Nails needed for Frame assembly: The nails used to assemble wooden frames are specialized "wire" nails that are very small in diameter to prevent splitting of the wood when driven in. These can very rarely be found in local hardware stores and should be purchased at the time the frames are purchased.

 1 1/4" Nail  3/4" Nail


Step 1.

Locate Top Bar and remove the thin 1/4" x 1/2" x 17" Foundation Anchor/ Wedge Strip.

Note: It is best to use a pocket knife to remove the thin strip from the top bar. Be careful when removing this strip as it can easily be broken or accidentally cut into. Set this piece aside as you will be using it when you install the wax foundation.

Foundation anchoring strip.

Foundation Anchor Strip

Step 2.

Locate Top Bar, 2 End Bars and Grooved Bottom Bar. (See Pic- A.)

Unasembled hive frame

Pic- A.

Step 3.

Locate 2 End Bars and Top Bar (See Pic- A.) . Insert End Bar into Top Bar, do not force pieces together. Locate 4- 1 1/4" wire nails and drive 2 nails through top bar into end bars on each end (See Pics- B1 & B2).

Assembled Top Bar and End Frame  Assembled Top Bar

Pic- B1.               Pic- B2.


1 1/4" Nails inserted into Top Bar Frame   Nails installed in Bottom Bar Frame



Step 4.

Locate Grooved Bottom Bar, insert bottom bar into grooves in the end bars( Note: Be sure Grooved Bottom Bar is facing up in towards the inside of the frame to allow Wax Foundation Sheet to be inserted into Grooved slot).

Hive Frame

 Locate 4- 3/4" Wire Nails and drive 2 Nails through the Bottom Bar into end bars on each side.

Finished assembled Frame

Finished Assembled Frame


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