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How to assemble a Hive Frame  P 1.

How to assemble a Hive Frame. Step by Step  Instructions for assembling wood hive frames, wiring frames for foundation and installing Wax Foundation and imbedding.

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How to assemble Hive Bodies & Honey Supers

Hive Body Shown Assembled


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How to Assemble Hive Bodies & Honey Supers

  Hive Body Shown Assembled

Step by Step Instructions for assembling a Hive Bodies & Honey Supers

Welcome to Saul Creek Apiaries " How to assemble Hive Bodies & Honey Supers ". Most manufactured Hive Bodies & Honey Supers are assembled in the same way but may vary according depending the manufacturer. The Hive Body we are going to assemble is a 4 piece design and is the same for standard 10 Frame Equipment as well as 8 Frame or Nucleus Hive Bodies & Honey Supers.

Note:  The Hive Body shown on this page was manufactured by Saul Creek Apiary and may differ slightly from other manufacturers. If your woodenware "Hive Body or Honey Super" came with manufacturers instructions they should be followed.

Assembly Note:  It is a good idea before applying Glue and or Nailing the pieces together that you dry assemble the Hive Body or Honey Super to insure all pieces are present and to make sure all pieces fit properly. It is possible to assemble Hive Body Components incorrectly as many of the pieces will fit together in the wrong position.

Note:  Special Attention should be paid to the positions of the Tapered Cut Handles making sure the flat hand hold is facing up and outwards as shown in the picture below. It is possible to assemble the Hive Body with the hand holds upside down or facing inside the box.

Tapered Hand Hold cut into Hive Body

Tapered Hand Hold

Note: Special Attention should be paid to the position of the frames rails during assembly. Frame Rails should be facing up towards the top of the hive body and both ends should facing the same direction. It is possible to assemble the rails facing the wrong direction.

Frame Rail Cut Out

Frame Rail

Step 1.

Place all pieces flat out in front of you to make sure all the pieces needed to assemble the Hive Body or Honey Super are present.

Hive Body or Honey Super Pieces


Hive Body Pieces Pre-Drilled and laid out for assembly

Step 2.

Locate one side and one end piece (as shown in the picture below stand the end and side up with hand holds facing outward and frame rail facing up). Place pieces together and using a Carpenters Square make sure pieces can be assembled square as shown below.

Hive Body End shown with Frame Rail Facing up


End and Side Pieces shown with hand holds facing up and end rail on top   Hive Body Being Nailed together   

Picture showing one side and one end being glued, assembled and nailed


Step 3.

Run a bead of glue where the two pieces will contact each other. Make sure not to run a bead of glue on the Frame Rail, glue should only be run on the two grooved sides.

Hive Body end being glued and preped for assembly

End Piece being glued and readied for assembly

Step 4.


After glue has been applied, place nails in pre-drilled holes and nail together. Clean up any glue that seeps out. Make sure the assembly is square.

End and Side Pieces shown with hand holds facing up and end rail on top

Assembly of Hive Body after glue has been applied

Hive Body Nailed Together

Assembly showing Nail Locations

Step 5.

Repeat Step 4. for the remaining two pieces making sure the Frame Rail is facing up and matches the opposite end and the tapered hand rails are facing up. Glue all pieces and nail in place making sure to check for square.

Glued end piece with Frame Rails facing up and Tapered Hand Rails in the upright position

Step 6.

Recheck for square and finishing nail all remaining joints. Be sure to wipe off any excess glue. Corners can be sanded flush if any rough edges remain.

Hive Body Shown Assembled


Paint all exterior surfaces with a quality exterior grade house paint.


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