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Honey Bee Swarm Removal by State

How to assemble a Hive Frame

How to assemble a Hive Frame. Step by Step  Instructions for assembling wood hive frames, wiring frames for foundation and installing Wax Foundation and imbedding.

How to wire a frame for Foundation

How to install & Embed Wax Foundation  P 3.


How to light a Smoker

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Honey Bee Swarm Removal

If you are a Beekeeper and perform Swarm Removal Service in your State/ County and would like to have your info listed please drop us an email with your information. Please be sure to provide some form of contact info (phone, email etc...) Please email your information to

Note:  To all Beekeepers that we had listed please accept our apology as we lost all Beekeepers contact information. If you would like to be added again please send us an email and we will get your contact information added ASAP!  Thank you!




Texas:  Seguin (Guadalupe County) San Antonio (Bexar County) New Braunfels (Comal County).
Contact Name: Glenn Y
Phone: (830) 433-
Description: We remove hanging Swarms up 15' in height. We will remove Honeybees from structures or whatever the bees are located in if accessable for a fee which is given and agreed to in wrighting before removal begins. We do not remove bees from under moble homes or buildings or bees located inside trees. Please email or texta picture to Text: (830) 433-       Email:
Regsistered with the Texas Apiary Inspection Service for the removal and transport of HoneyBees in the Cities and Counties listed above.






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